Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions


All drawings that are created by 'Charlies Drawings' are owned by D H K ARTISTRY LTD. When purchasing a picture this gives you royalty free use of my image on anything you see fit. You may reproduce the drawing in any format necessary and as many times as you like. D H K ARTISTRY LTD may use your drawing as part of any advertising campaign online or offline as they see fit. If you request for this not to happen by email then this will not be the case.



When you choose to have a caricature picture done you hand over artistic licence to that picture. The artist will do a like image that you require but there may be subtle differences in shapes and colours. PLEASE NOTE - Pictures will not be redrawn if after being reviewed by management if the likeness is to a level deemed appropriate by D H K ARTISTRY Ltd.



There is a strict 'NO REFUNDS' policy on these items as they are custom made. If you are not happy with the picture received please contact us and we will look into this further.



Although the usual waiting time for the pictures is 10 to 12 days for the artwork and then a further 4 to 5 for shipment. In busy periods this may alter. I ask very politely that if after 12 working days you have not received an email with your picture please contact me then. Any emails or messages received on this subject before that date will not be answered until the 12th day.